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GHD Original IV Styler


GHD Original IV Styler really is the one that broke the mould, the ghd original IV styler previously known as ghd IV styler is by far the most popular amougst men and women for creating sleek and smooth everyday styles with enhanced shine without damaging the hair folicles. The 190 degree ceramic plate allows the styler to glide through the hair seemlessly creating the perfect results weither your look id straight or curly this simple, effective and elegant technology is a must have for any hair enthusiast. Plus, with rounded barrels, automatic sleep mode and universal voltage you'll have peace of mind to create great results at home or abroad stress free. 


Key Features:


  • Original ceramic heat technology
  • Optimum styling temperature of 185°C: any hotter damages the hair, any cooler and the result is compromised.
  • Floating plates: for extra control while styling.
  • Round barrel: for versatile, snag-free styling that's perfect for creating curls.
  • Automatic sleep mode: switches off if not used for 30 minutes.
  • Universal voltage: for outstanding performance wherever you are in the world.
  • Professional length 2.7m cable
  • 30 second heat up time: for quick and easy styling
  • UK three pin pl


Recommended Use:


For best styling results use GHD's Original IV Styler with GHD Heat Protection Spray, Section the hair into small managable slices and apply a light sprtiz of heat protection spray before applying heat. Follow with a light brush with the GHD narrow dressing brush to remove any frizz and spread the heat protect spray through the hair evenly. 

Splint hair into managable sections and apply heat to the desired area using stylers working from root to tip styling as required. 

To complete a curled look apply a light spritz of GHD Curl hold spray after each section has been completed and comb out using Narrow dressing brush for a frizz free finish. 


Key Benefits:

Ceramic Ionic Plate | Heat Protection | Rounded Barrels for Controlled Styling | Suitable for All Hair Types | Automatic switch off

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