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GHD Final Fix Hairspray 400ml


GHD Final Fix Hairspray 400ml a delicately fragranced with a firm yet flexible hold, ghd final fix hairspray can be easily brushed out to allow for restyling. Humidity resistant, a mist over your finished style will help keep it in place, whatever the weather. 


Key Features:


  • ghd final fix hairspray deluxe 400 ml size
  • Perfect for a firm yet soft-touch hold
  • Helps reduce frizz
  • Humidity resistant


Recommended Use:


Mist generously over your hair from a distance of 30cm for long-lasting hold.


For an instant root boost in dry hair, tip your head upside down and spray into the roots. Wait for a few seconds before tipping your head up the right way and styling.


Key Benefits:


Giving hold to your style | Creating staying power in updos | Preventing kinks from forming in straight hair and from curls | Waves and volume falling flat in damp or warm weather conditions | Smoothing flyaway hairs. 

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