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GHD Air® Diffuser


GHD Air® Diffuser gives you the chance to oomph up your styling options. Enhance your GHD Air Hairdryer with the new ghd air® diffuser.


This clever addition to your styling kit will give you perfectly formed curls and waves with minimal effort as you blow-dry. The ghd air® diffuser has been developed in collaboration with top stylists to ensure you achieve an effortless salon-style finish.


Key Features:


  • Designed for use with the GHD air®
  • Provides an even air distribution for perfectly formed, frizz free curls and waves.
  • Professional stylist recommended. 


Recommended Use:


Designed for use with the ghd air® hairdryer only.


Key Benefits:


Contoured hard fingers lift and separate your hair as you dry to create soft volume as well as giving a frizz-free finish to naturally curly hair or creating loose, natural-looking waves in finer, straighter hair types.

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